5 Interesting Entertainment Trends of 2020

5 Interesting Entertainment Trends of 2020

Entertainment trends change as people’s interests change and new developments take place. 2020 has seen some interesting changes because of the worldwide lockdown measures. Trends are always interesting as we can only predict them to a certain extent.

Online streaming services boom

This may be the least surprising, but the biggest upward trend of 2020. We all knew that online streaming services would be taking over the more traditional media options in the coming years, but that timeline was shortened.

The changes in viewing preferences and streaming services have been fast-tracked because so many people were sitting at home and looking for something to do.

Online gaming is more popular

Possibly another big result of the pandemic, more and more people are playing online. From roleplaying games to mobile games to online casinos – people are playing more than before. It is a convenient and fun way to pass the time and, in some instances, win some money.

Social video becomes a bigger thing

With the emergence of platforms like TikTok, social video has taken off. Other platforms like Facebook and Houseparty are doing all they can to beat the social video king, YouTube. TikTok is currently the most popular video-sharing platform after YouTube.

Podcasting keeps growing rapidly

Podcasts have been around for many years, but we don’t hear about it as often. In the last couple of years, podcasting has been growing insidiously and it will soon be a big contender on the media scene.

Podcasts cover many topics and certain brands have even started using them as a marketing tool.

People watch less news

A trend that changes very quickly, is the number of people who watch and read the news. Print media has suffered losses in the recent past, but it is far from dead. However, news agencies may be seeing a drop in the number of people who are watching and reading the news.

The general opinion is that people are tired of too many negative items in the News.

These trends may change quickly, but we will continue seeing more changes in these areas.

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