Inks and Pastes for Printable, Flexible and Wearable Technologies with the National Research Council of Canada


The global conductive inks and pastes market is a growing billion-dollar industry. Photovoltaics remain a key growth area. Car occupancy sensors, printed piezoresistive sensors, printed antennas and some versions of glucose sensors remain substantial niche markets. Demand will for grow for specialized 3D and in-mould applications for inks that can stretch and survive thermoforming/moulding processes.

In this session, leading researchers from the NRC will discuss:

  • Market availability: Key industry suppliers and the various ink and paste types
  • The benefits of various materials used in various applications, printing processes and substrates
  • How do you get the formulations right? What must you consider?
  • How do you test various inks and pastes for your PE designs?