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Dr. Arnold Kell, PhD

Dr. Arnold Kell, PhD

Research Officer

National Research Council of Canada

Dr. Arnold Kell studied chemistry at the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario (BSc 1999) and The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario (PhD 2004). He has 12 years of R&D experience at National Research Council Canada where he previously developed nanomaterials for biodiagnostic applications. He is currently the Technical Leader of molecular silver ink activities within the Printable Electronics program. Specifically, the focus of program is to develop molecular ink platforms that can be incorporated into scalable printing processes in order to enhance the performance of all-printed devices including a transistors, RF circuits and antennae. In addition, recent efforts are focused on the development of inks that can be utilized in stretchable and structural/in-mold electronics.

Inks and Pastes for Printable, Flexible and Wearable Technologies with the National Research Council of Canada

The global conductive inks and pastes market is a growing billion-dollar industry. Photovoltaics remain a key growth area. Car occupancy sensors, printed piezoresistive sensors, printed antennas and some versions of glucose sensors remain substantial niche markets. Demand will grow for specialized 3D and in-mould applications for inks that can stretch and survive thermoforming/moulding processes.
In this session, leading researchers from the NRC will discuss:

  • Market availability: Key industry suppliers and the various ink and paste types
  • The benefits of various materials used in various applications, printing processes and substrates
  • How do you get the formulations right? What must you consider?
  • How do you test various inks and pastes for your PE designs?
National Research Council of Canada


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