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Dr. Janos Veres

Dr. Janos Veres

Program Manager, Novel and Printed Electronics

PARC, a Xerox Company

Janos Veres leads PARC’s Novel and Printed Electronics Program. He is passionate about the future of manufacturing and the new ecosystems enabled by digital technologies. His main interest is exploring 2D and 3D printing and large area processes as manufacturing techniques for electronic devices. By combining novel materials, device designs and unique deposition processes, it becomes possible to print flexible circuits, sensors, memory and hybrid electronic systems. PARC works with material makers, printing firms and consumer product companies to help them not only with technology but also to solve strategic questions. Janos creates projects that combine experts in technology, design, user experience and systematic innovation. Janos has held R&D, manufacturing and management positions in material, printing and electronics companies including PolyPhotonix, Kodak, Merck, Avecia and Gestetner, where he developed printed circuits, specialty functional materials, OLEDs, displays, and medical devices as well as printing/coating technologies. Janos holds a PhD in Solid State Electronics from Imperial College, London.

Additive manufacturing for electronics

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing are poised to reshape entire manufacturing value chains. To be truly disruptive, additive manufacturing has to move beyond shapes and colors. Novel printing technologies are beginning to emerge that enable conformal electronics and even printing with inks containing microchips. This in turn also creates new openings for the progress of electronics itself. Over the last 50 years, silicon microelectronics advanced through shrinking device dimensions and packing more and more functionality into tiny spaces. Printing technologies open up exciting new ways of scaling electronics “Beyond Moore”, through the integration of micro and macro, creating new form factors, complex shapes, conformal devices and distributed systems. Printed, hybrid electronics systems will enable new classes of sensor systems, structural electronics, and wearable devices, where the “system is the package”.

PARC, a Xerox Company


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