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Dr. Soroush Nazarpour

Dr. Soroush Nazarpour

President & CEO

Group NanoXplore Inc.

Soroush Nazarpour, PhD (Nanotechnology, Universitat de Barcelona), has extensive experience in advanced carbon nanomaterials, device physics, materials processing, and integration. Soroush is an acknowledged expert in the field of graphene. His current technology focus is on the development of advanced polymer composite materials based on graphene, scalable production processes, and the integration of graphene into existing industrial products and processes to create disruptive technologies.

In 2016, Soroush and Steve Waite came together to co-author a book on graphene entitled “Graphene, From Lab to Technology”. This book was published by Wiley & Co. Soroush was also the editor of “Thin Films and Coatings in Biological Application,” which was published in 2014 by Springer Publishing.

Graphene for Printed and Flexible Electronics

Printed and flexible electronics technologies have the potential to create new devices with a broad range of form factors (conformal, curved, light weight), better durability, high-levels of functional integration and produced using mass production processes with high yields and low costs. Graphene, with its broad range of excellent mechanical, electrical, thermal and barrier properties, has the potential to support and accelerate the realization of printed and flexible electronics devices and processes. Potential areas of contribution include graphene-based conductive inks, and protective and functional coatings and structures. NanoXplore is developing novel solutions for polymer binders in graphene inks, and graphene-enhanced polymer layers with electromagnetic shielding, oxygen barrier, and thermal and electrical properties. NanoXplore believes that it is critical to ensure that all fabrication processes are industrially suitable (scalable, affordable, non-clean room production environment) and utilize standard graphene products available in volume (i.e., NanoXplore heXo-G V graphene).

Group NanoXplore Inc.


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