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Stéphane Forget

Stéphane Forget


Memtronik Innovations

Stéphane is a multi-faceted entrepreneur specializing in the electronics industry, with over 22 years of experience in developing and operating North Americas largest membrane switch and printed electronics company.

After graduating from university with a degree in accounting and gaining many years of industry experience, Stéphane founded Memtronik Innovations in 1994. They rapidly expanded into the human machine interface space, achieving global reach in a very short period. They continue to have their sights set on the future, developing new technologies, processes and products that influence positive change in the world.

High Volume Manufacturing

When Memtronik started its business over 20 years ago, market needs were straightforward. Screen printing was all that was required by the client, as they performed in-house assembly of their products. As markets started to shift, more work was outsourced and integration was sought of suppliers. Memtronik saw an opportunity to capture a significant portion of that business by adapting the company to meet the growing technical challenges and needs of the industry.

With advances in materials and technology and the increased global reach of suppliers and customers, there was a requirement to boost capacity for high-volume through-put, improve reliability, shrink sizes and reduce costs. These all had significant implications for future success.

Critical factors in setting up high volume manufacturing include the acquisition and commissioning of various pieces of equipment, integration into production, all while supporting existing demand. Servicing new high-volume requirements while maintaining traditional methods makes a flexible process flow essential. Challenges include implementing a vast amount of technology – capable of automating many processes in the facility, getting the appropriate quality and certification and offering cost-effective solutions. A driving factor in Memtronik’s success remains the ability to accommodate orders that range from prototype to roll-to-roll volumes.

As production and volumes increase, the assurance that every single item meets the requirements becomes more challenging. It has been essential to maintain a comprehensive quality control system, so Memtronik has scaled the quality assurance process in tandem with manufacturing capabilities.  The combination of automated and manual testing permit every unit shipped to be fully tested, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Setting up high-volume manufacturing in today’s market requires continual evolution, flexibility, reinvestment and a focus on value. Combined, they ensure delivery of the highest quality product at attractive prices at any scale from Memtronik.

Memtronik Innovations


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