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Tim Luong

Tim Luong

National Sales Manager

Ceradrop MGI

Tim Luong is the National Sales Manager with Ceradrop MGI Group. Prior, he joined FUJIFILM Dimatix in January, 2006 and help successfully launch the DMP-2800 materials deposition desktop inkjet systems using piezo MEMS cartridge inkjet printhead products. He has over 20 years of advanced functional materials deposition and factory automation experiences. Tim holds a BSc EE degree from the California State University, Sacramento.

High resolution functional materials deposition systems combining Aerosol Jet with Ink Jet printheads capabilities and in-line Photonic Post Drying/Curing for complete integrated processing

Currently, there is no integration solution available for combining both precision Aerosol Jet and high throughput piezo ink jet technologies into a single platform for precision digital binary piezo inkjet deposition. Ceradrop will present on a unique system that can combined single nozzle Aerosol jet with multiples industrial piezo inkjet nozzles into a stand-alone platform.

F-Series is a stand-alone integrated process platform capable of using industries formulated functional Nano sizes materials and particles in solutions with wider viscosity ranging from 1cps to 1000 cps for precision high resolution printing patterns and structures or thin-film coating on ridged or flexible sheet substrate.

The inkjet research and development community are now interested in developing multiple fluids on multiple layers with multiple digital targets and patterns processes. Ceradrop MGI Group is leveraging from the proven graphical inkjet industry experiences combined with the advanced software tools strategy of the semiconductor fabrication equipment industry to help revolutionize printed electronics and micro 3D deposition applications.

This talk will focus on Ceradrop systems capabilities in jetting from single Aerosol nozzle to thousands of inkjet nozzles print heads, from 1pL drop volume low cost cartridges type printheads to 80 pL and with 1024 nozzles count production type industrial inkjet printheads on the same Ceradrop multi-printheads multiple fluids precision inkjet platform.

We will

  • Examine the technical challenges for new and existing users to transition from single fluid simple desktop system to a more precise and fully integrated in-line curing system with automated multiple inks deposition capabilities.
  • Present integrated inkjet deposition process solution consisting of jetting commercially available conductive low cost copper oxide, Nano silver, or other semi conductive and 3D Ceramic inkjet inks on various substrates.
  • Discuss support networks from our developments and manufacturing head quarter in Central France and the global support from the MGI group to increase worldwide printed electronics present.
Ceradrop MGI


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