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CPES 2017 follows and reports on both local and international entertainment news and we love seeing pictures and reading stories about all our favourite celebrities.

As an entertainment magazine, we want to invite you to share your encounters with your favourite stars. We all have our heroes and favourites, whether it is a movie star, public figure, sports star or Nobel prize winner, we love to see them and read about them.

Have your 15 seconds of fame by sharing your experiences with CPES 2017.

My Celebrity Selfie

Let’s be honest, having your picture taken with your favourite celebrity is a magical moment. If you are one of the lucky readers who have had such an opportunity, we invite you to share it! Send your pictures with a short description of who and where you met, and we will put it in our Celebrity Selfie feature.

Upcoming Events

If you are involved in the local or international entertainment business, we invite you to share your upcoming events. Anything from acting classes to red carpet events to conventions is welcome. Our readers love to attend such events and have the opportunity to meet the stars.

My Celebrity Story

We know some of you have the funniest and most inspiring stories to tell about meeting your heroes. Share your story about when you met your favourite actor, sports star, or public figure. We love hearing about our stars and heroes in real life. We will share your story in our Celebrity Meet-Up features.

Visit the contact page and send us an email with your picture and/or story. We cannot guarantee that any specific pictures or stories will be used. Our editorial team uses the best pictures and stories only.

CPES 2017 looks forward to reading about and sharing all your great pictures, events and stories.